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Bumblefly Theatre are delighted to announce their winter 2017/18 co-production with Forest Forge of The Frog Prince. We are on tour from Friday 1st December until Saturday 20th January.

The travelling players have gone up in the world and set up shop in a castle to tell the story of The Frog Prince.


Everyone wants to live in a castle; to eat fine food, sleep in the softest, comfortablest bed, even a talking frog; but the spoilt princess really doesn’t want to share. She can’t see that ugliness may only be skin deep!


Forest Forge and Bumblefly Theatre team up again to bring you this classic story for the festive season. Filled with madcap humour and a sprinkling of magic, the team that brought you The Elves and The Shoemaker and Hansel and Gretel will serve up a large portion of family fun and brilliant storytelling. On The Elves and The Shoemaker "inventive, energetic and altogether engaging production" (The Fine Times Recorder)


What castle would be complete without a long haired maiden in a tower and a prince chopping through brambles to get inside? Many characters from familiar fairy tales plus a couple of lesser known gems keep the action moving whilst memorable songs will have you singing all the way home!


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Dom Phillips from Bumblefly Theatre says:

"I am really excited to produce this years winter show. From my years of touring village halls I have learnt that people enjoy a good story, a laugh and, of course, a raffle. That's what community theatre is for. Bumblefly is a small family led touring company. We have all worked for Forest Forge and are very pleased to be working with them on this show."

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....bringing you storytelling, magic and a splash of mischief....